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Security Project is the biggest and the only Defence Career Training Academy in Central India. We are first of its kind in providing professional SSB Training for all types of commission in Armed and Para Military Forces. SSB Training is handled by a team of professional trainers who were ex-assessors of various SSBs in the country. We have Officers for SSB training who were posted in the Army/Navy/Air Force Services Selection Boards (SSBs). Our team imparts SSB training and our Officers frequently update the changes that are included in the SSB for selection. For SSB training we have vast out door facilities and state of the art indoor training aids and facilities.We train candidates to face SSB Interview for all Types of Commission such as NDA entry, Army Engg entry, Naval Engg entry, EKT entry, ACC entry, NCC entry, SL entry  etc. We have excellent training facilities and professional trainers for UPSC Entrance Exams such as NDA and CDS.

  • Challenging and Enriching Job Profile
  • Excellent Pay and Perks
  • Dignity, Status and Respect in Society
  • Sports and Adventure
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Contact  Defence Career Academy for end to end support and guidance which includes

  • Information Resource for all arms and all entries
  • Filling up of application forms
  • Coaching for written test by qualified faculty
  • Coaching for Service Selection Board Procedure by qualified former assessor and author of SSB guide